Sports and PE Association welcomes plan to unlock school sports facilities

A new guide was launched on 6 June which aims to open up community sports facilities outside of school hours. Ukactive and Nike’s Open Doors Blueprint is a new guide which could unlock the UK’s school sports facilities, giving children unprecedented access to sports on their doorstep.

Facilities could be opened up to every community, providing essential resources for children and young people, particularly for those from low-income households.

The document is aimed at schools, local authorities, activity delivery partners and funding organisations, offering guidance from the Open Doors programme, which has already proved successful in London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

SPE Chair Kate Costin says: “Every child has the right to an active lifestyle and we believe that this is a significant development towards achieving that. Active children become active adults who will in turn go on to lead healthier and happier lives.

“The plan has the potential to change children’s outcomes by allowing them access to facilities which have been out-of-bounds outside of the school day. This will have a positive impact on their physical and mental health and on community cohesion and it is something we very much welcome.”

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