SPE Member Meeting

Connecting the Industry

Members of the Sports and Physical Education Association (SPE) held their first meeting of 2022 last week, followed by golf at Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Course and a social evening in Leamington Spa.

SPE Chair Kate Costin says: “SPE meetings are great opportunity to get the industry together to swap ideas, share best practice and tackle the challenges which face the sector. The issues we face are often highly industry-specific, so getting our unique community together to network and socialise brings a real sense of belonging.

“It was great to be able to share our concerns about the soaring cost of materials in particular, and to update the group on proposals to work on this issue with other key industry stakeholders. We also outlined plans to survey teachers on market trends and the impact of Covid restrictions on school sports and PE, generating invaluable market data exclusively for SPE members.

“A large proportion of the meeting was spent discussing the current state of the industry, sharing challenges and successes and swapping ideas for how best to navigate the current business climate. An excellent presentation by Stuart Cope from digital solutions company Yellow Panther concluded the meeting, providing some thought-provoking inspiration to take away and apply to our own marketing strategies.”

FSPA CEO and former SPE Chair, Nick Palmer, adds: “It’s always a pleasure to get the group together. SPE members’ approach is always to work collaboratively; it’s a close-knit community and one that I think everyone is proud to be a part of.”

Join Us

We welcome applications from potential new SPE members. Visit https://sportspe.org.uk/become-a-member/ to find out more.

Joint winners were Kate Costin and Andy Platt at the SPE members’ golf afternoon.

L to r: Nick Palmer, FSPA CEO; Jason Bowers, Gym Master and Andy Platt, Foam4Sports
L to r: Chris Burrows, Foam4Sports; Tom Bunner, Eveque; Mark Cullingford, Sport & Play and SPE Chair Kate Costin, Flicx

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