Flicx: 2G Flicx Pitches are supporting Cricket Australia’s new Junior Formats

Flicx have just supplied a container of 2G Flicx Pitches to clubs in Australia as part of their innovative plans to grow the junior game. Pilot projects of the new junior formats have seen hugely positive results with shorter pitches meaning more good games, more runs and wickets and more FUN!

As part of the pilot in 2018, Cricket Australia (CA) engaged Flicx UK to assist in providing an alternative playing surface whilst allowing multiple games to be played at a single venue. With the growth of junior cricket, more and more clubs and associations are looking at an alternative to the traditional centre wicket. Temporary pitch solutions ease the pressure on junior competition managers and associations by allowing multiple games to be played at a single venue. The new partnership with Cricket Australia sees an approved product, the 2G Flicx Junior Multi-Age Pitch, promoted to clubs and councils on an opt-in basis with a subsidised price. The improved 2G technology from Flicx provides a consistent bounce and offers turn to spinners when rolled out on a firm, flat area. Batsmen can play their shots in confidence and its quick and easy for club volunteers to roll out the pitch ahead of matches and training. The star quality of the 2G Flicx Pitch, however, is its versatility so clubs, councils and schools have the option of using the same product in the nets, indoors or even for beach cricket!

With green spaces at a premium and multi-use sports areas being stretched – the 2G Flicx Pitch is a real problem solver as it’s a temporary solution which requires minimal ground preparation and maintenance and is very durable making it a great investment. The pitch selected by Cricket Australia will enable clubs to host stage 1 (U11s) and stage 2 (U13s) games just by moving the stumps.

“The ever-growing junior cricket landscape demands more facilities and facility optimisation, with the 2G MAP Flicx Pitch; this allows more games to be played, more often with a strong alignment to the Australian Cricket Formats” commented James Liggins, Junior Pathway Support Officer at CA. Clubs from Perth to the far north of Queensland as well as the busy urban city areas of Melbourne and Sydney are the first to benefit this year – with pilot project results on the 2G Flicx Pitch being very encouraging from a usability and performance perspective.

For more information on this partnership visit: https://flicx.com/flicx-pitches-heading-to-australia/

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